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My background is in Human Resources Management where I became interested in psychology, leading on to a fascination in the power of the mind on the body and an interest in meditation and its many benefits.

Meditation led on to massage, gaining recognised massage qualifications and undertaking further training with an Osteopath. Combining massage with meditation, there became a realisation that there was much more going on and became involved in healing. It took a few years to become a Reiki Master, going through the various degree levels and a profound self-journey along the way.

Having now been professionally involved in the area of health for a number of years, my study in the holistic principle guided me to Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). NLP is the practical study of how people think, grow and succeed. It is about accelerating positive changes in behaviour, eradicating negative responses in normal circumstances, communication, personal effectiveness and developing full potential.

When using NLP with clients to help facilitate change, clients are sometimes in a light hypnotic trance. We are all in a light trance at some point during the day. When you are driving your car or watching the television. Therefore, the next stage in my development was to study Clinical Hypnosis. For this I went to the Bennett Stellar University in Seattle and qualified as a Clinical Hypnotherapist.  Three years later I studied at the Atkinson Ball College and qualified as an Advanced Hypnotherapist/ Hypno-Healer.

I am currently teaching "Introduction to Massage" courses at Dartford Adult Education Centre.

I gain immense fulfilment in helping others help themselves make profound and lasting life changes.

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